Salt Marsh Cottages
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


Property Manager:

Danielle Aspinwall-Winter

Board of Directors:

Tom Finnie–President
Carole Oleksiuk–Vice President
Gabriele Hoffmann–Secretary/Treasurer
Robert Barr
Tom Forrest
Charles Jesser
James Shelby


Board Development Committee:

Chairperson: Gabriele Hoffmann
Tom Finnie, Linda Gillet

Property Committee:

Chairperson: Tom Forrest

Sue Forrest, Linda Gillet, Bo Oleksiuk, Carol Oleksiuk

Communications Committee:

Chairperson: Carol Oleksiuk
Pam Finnie, Sue Forrest, Linda Gillet

Property Manager's Report:

April 10, 2017

Spring has sprung and growing season has begun! Besides keeping up with the new growth, Rose Landscape, LLC will be doing additional work beginning the week of April 16, or as soon as the live oaks have finished dropping their leaves and catkins. The crew will be removing any foliage on buildings or within one foot of the touching its surface. They will also be digging out all sidewalks and parking lot edges that  have accumulated excess pine straw, as well as other “high” landscape areas in front of the cottages. They will then pine straw areas where it’s needed most. Likewise, roofs will be blown.

For continued service, please use this website if you have a maintenance issue. There is a form on the Maintenance page for any building/landscape issues. Having your requests in writing, whether email or the form provided is very helpful for follow-up.

The dormer project that followed the roof replacement is 100% finished! HHI, Inc. completed all work the beginning of February. If you have additional problems please make me aware, (again via the maintenance form). Also, please remember, if you have a skylight in your loft that is not a covered regime feature. At some point the summer all shed roofs will be cleaned and recoated with the Hydrostop product and sidewalks will be cleaned.

We are still awaiting a start date from MAJ Enterprises to repair pier issues (cottage foundation) that resulted from hurricane Matthew. As you are aware there are several plantations and homesteads still in need of work from that event and we are in line. There is no danger to any cottage because of these damages. Thank you for your patience, and I’ll alert all prior to when work will begin. UPDATE: MAJ will begin working on the piers on May 1. No special instructions to owners/tenants during the process as all work will be outside.

Summertime brings many visitors to the cottages and I'd like to remind all pet owners to PLEASE pick up after your pets. It is required that all doo-doo be removed from the premises, which includes the doggie bags. Another issue that residents have noticed is parking. Please make sure your vehicle is within your parking space. Some of the cottage cul de sacs have tight parking and it only takes one vehicle sticking out into the flow of traffic to create an issue for another owner or guest. (As a sidenote, parking lots will be resealed and re-striped in 2018, at the scheduled 5-year mark.)

Have a beautiful Spring and a safe and happy Summer!

Danielle Aspinwall-Winter, SMCOA Property Manager

Board of Directors’ Report: (Coming Soon!)

SMC Owners: 

Committee Reports:

Communication Committee
Maintenance Committee

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