Salt Marsh Cottages
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


Property Manager:

Danielle Aspinwall-Winter

Board of Directors:

Carol Oleksiuk--President
Tom Forrest–Vice President
Gabriele Hoffmann–Secretary/Treasurer
Robert Barr
Charles Jesser
James Shelby
Carol Turner


Board Development Committee:

Chairperson: Gabriele Hoffmann
Tom Finnie, Linda Gillet

Property Committee:

Chairperson: Tom Forrest
Sue Forrest, Linda Gillet, Bo Oleksiuk, Carol Oleksiuk, Bob Barr, Mark Schaeffer, Harmon Swart

Communications Committee:

Chairperson: Carol Oleksiuk
Pam Finnie, Sue Forrest, Linda Gillet

Property Manager's Report:

Happy New Year Everyone!

We are starting 2018 with very frigid temperatures. Unfortunately, we've needed to drip outside spigots twice this year already and it's not even the end of January. This is a perfect time to remind owners of a very easy fix for these occasional freezes we experience in the Lowcountry. Several owners have done the following and can leave their cottage with the peace of mind that they will not have any broken pipes or leaks upon their return. Contact your plumber and have him/her install a water shut-off valve and additional hose pipe fitting on your main water line. When you leave shut off your water, (and water heater) open the spigot and drain the water from your lines. This process removes 95% of the water in your lines and even if there is a freeze, the residual water isn't enough to create issues. Please refer to the "Winter Weather Plumbing Solutions" link on the Maintenance page.  Also on this page is a list of Recommend Vendors if you do not have a plumber. I encourage all owners to consider this preventative measure. Again, it will give you peace of mind and keep me from hours of dripping unoccupied units and then traipsing around and under cottages looking for broken pipes:)  Stay warm everyone...this too shall pass!

Danielle Aspinwall-Winter
Property Manager


Board of Directors’ Report: 

January 2018

Hi Neighbors,

Well it certainly has been a cold start to the New Year.  If you have been here in HHI, you experienced the largest snowfall here in many years, maybe an all-time record!  If you are home in another location, you may be slightly warmer in FL and much colder in the northern states.  But we will be seeing longer days and warmer temperatures in the next few weeks, and then complaining about the heat this summer. All in all, we live here in Salt Marsh Cottages in a beautiful place.

Next month, the SMC Property Committee will be taking a Walk-Around to take a look at all cottages.  The intent of these inspections is to keep our cottages looking well maintained and inviting, and in compliance with our By-Laws. If you have any concerns about your cottage to report, please contact our manager Danielle Aspinwall-Winter: or
 A big thank you to the owners who have volunteered to serve on this Property Committee.

During the next few months, we will also be having a few SMC Get-Togethers to get to know each other and hopefully to meet some our newer owners.  Over the past few months, all of the cottages on the market have sold and we have a lot of new neighbors (and some dogs too).  Our first gathering will be on Sunday, February 11 @ 10:30am for Brunch at the Clubhouse.  Please contact Pam Finnie to make a reservation with our group:

As Communications Chairman also, I promise to keep you up to date on all happenings in our SMC community. Please visit our SMC website often: and feel free to email me anytime:

Respectfully yours,

Carol Oleksiuk, President

SMC Owners: 

Committee Reports:

Communication Committee
Maintenance Committee

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