Salt Marsh Cottages
Hilton Head Island, South Carolina


Buildings and Common Areas:

Salt Marsh Cottages Rules and Regulations
Owner and Regime Responsibility
SMC ARB – Alterations 
Exterior Siding/Trim Paint Formulas
Approved Exterior Door Colors:

Services & Preferred Vendors:
Recommended Vendors

Departure Checklist:    

Before You Leave...

Cottage Maintenance Resources:

Deck Maintenance

Bedroom&Kitchen Window Replacement

Sliding Door Replacement

Storm Door Replacement-BROWN

Winter Weather Plumbing Solutions


Garbage/Recycle Collection is on FRIDAY.  If the schedule changes due to a holiday, owners will be notified by email.

Pest control is scheduled quarterly on the first MONDAY in JANUARY, APRIL,  JULY, and OCTOBER. If you have additional pest issues, fill out the maintenance form on this page.

SMC owner garden debris can be placed at any sign along Devil’s Elbow Lane late in the day on TUESDAY for Wednesday removal by Moss Creek’s maintenance department. 

Please remember this only applies to garden debris, not Christmas trees or plants still in their containers.

Brian Rose, Rose Landscape, LLC has crews on site both Mondays and Fridays. If you have a specific grounds request, please submit the Maintenance Form found on this page.

Maintenance Request/Inquiries

Comments / Issues

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